Syria Government Troops Destroy Terrorists’ Tunnel in Jobar

A 400-meter tunnel, dug by the militants of the PKK 7 meters below ground, was exposed by Turkish forces in Nusaybin below the border line between Turkey and Syria. It was reportedly used for logistical purposes, as well as for transferring militants between the PKK and YPG.

The tunnel was found and later destroyed through coordination between the Turkish police, military, and the intelligence units. The terrorists reportedly built the tunnel, as an alternative way to pass through the border, after Turkey intensified border security measures.

PKK is considered by Turkey as a terrorist group. The U.S. considers the PYD as an effective force in the fight against ISIS in Syria while Turkey argues that as Washington support for the PYD-YPG transfers directly to the PKK and is used against the Turkish state and its people.

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