shairat AF base 2

Syrian Air Force Resumed their Sorties from the Shairat airbase in less than 24 hours after the missile strike made by the US Navy. It is reported that two of the SAR AF Su-17 took off from a runway and flew off to attack the positions of militants in the Eastern part of Homs Province.

The base subjected to a US missile attacks have been recently visited by the head of the Syrian General Staff General Ali Abdullah Ayyoub.
The US Navy fired on 7 of April 59 Tomahawk cruise missiles on the Syrian airbase, of which only 23 hit the target. The fate of the others is still unknown. Some sources say they might have been directed to Iraqi Mosul. According to international experts estimates Americans spent more than $ 100 million on this operation but has a poor result, as only 9 combat aircraft and several facilities were damaged. As for now the Syrian airbase is again functional in normal way.
The USA operation was supposed to be a retaliation to the Syrian government for the chemical attack in Idlib Province. The fact of use of chemical weapons was not confirmed by any trusted source, but the US immediately blamed Bashar al Assad and promised a tough response.


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