Pictures in the News: Damascus, Syria

Syria 2019 population is estimated at 17,070,135 people at mid year according to the United Nations data. Syria ranks number 69 in the list of countries (and dependencies) by population.

We took Top 20 Syrian cities by population rank and counted the number of people who live in the areas under each force control.

New Project(12)

Here’s what we got from this counting:

The total number of people who live in these 20 cities is 6,358,081.

  • 5,585,806 people (88%) – live in the areas under legitimate Syrian Government forces control.
  • 446,552 people (7%) – live in the areas under Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF/Kurds) control.
  • 196,883 people (3%) – live in the areas under Turkey-backed militants control.
  • 128,840 people (2%) – live in the areas under Hayat Tahrir al Sham (HTS) and other terrorist factions control.

As we took 20 Syrian cities with the largest number of population, we let you be the judge – could we project these figures upon the whole Syrian population. As for us, we think that “yes”.

The fact that the majority of Syrians (88%) live in the areas which are under Government control is not only due to successes of  Syrian army and its allies in returning territories, but due to essential desire of people to live under fair minded laws of legitimate Syrian government.

Since the middle of last year more than 330,000 Syrians returned back to Syria. More than 1,700,000 Syrians from 10 foreign countries also has wished to return back to their motherland.

Nowadays, due to the efforts of Syrian government, there’s a number of opened border-crossings which allow people to loose the status of “refugee”. There are 5 at Syria/Lebanon border (Col de Zamrani, Jaidet Yabous, Al-Dabousiyah, Tall-Qallah, Al-Qusair), 1 at Syria/Jordan border (Nasib), 1 way by air (Duvali), 1 way by sea (Baniyas) and 4 ways inside Syria (Abu Duhur, Salhiyah, Jleb and Souran).

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