About a hundred minivans arrive in Aleppo city from the SDF-held areas. Most of the passengers come here to get qualified medical care free of charge.

Our team has made a documentary film concerning the humanitarian situation over medical services in Manbij city of Aleppo province. We interviewed various patients of Aleppo University Hospital who were forced to come here due to a lack of free medical service.

They claim there is no service, no doctors in the areas controlled by the US-backed forces. According to citizens, medicines are not good and not available and prices for them are very high. An average check is about 700,000 SYP (about $1,600). Civilians do not have that much money, they do not have means to pay for treatment, because people, who live in Manbij and its surroundings, are workers or farmers. Moreover, all hospitals there are private, that accept only dollars.

A road to Aleppo from Manbij is dangerous because of the main route passes through TFSA groups-held areas. Therefore, locals have been forced to drive around on the way filled with a large number of SDF checkpoints. The journey takes much time (around 8 hours). It is very difficult to patients.

The SMM Syria has asked a few residents of Manbij who know the situation. They say Kurdish fighters put pressure on civilians to force people to join them, because only members of various US-backed groups can receive any benefits, including qualified medical help. The residents also claim now all spheres of life have become extremely bad for ordinary citizens in Manbij under the rule of the US military and their allies.

Witnesses also told that every foreign delegation arrived in Manbij was interested only in military issues despite claims of medical support. The only goal is provide military support to the Kurds. According to the residents of Manbij, a large number of armored vehicles loaded with boxes were regularly arriving in the city. And these boxes were disguised as “humanitarian aid” and contained arms and munitions.

The main goal was to create a structures controlled exclusively by Kurds and Americans. Another more important goal was to separate from the Syria and to create an autonomy. The SDF had become a key partner of the US in the Middle East. American representatives even had promised to protect them from any threats, including Turkey. But Washington betrayed them at the earliest opportunity and allowed Ankara to enter Syria and begin a military operation against Kurdish units.

An attempt to create an autonomy in Northern Syria might be a humanitarian disaster, given that the US-backed leaders supported only the members of fighting groups abandoning civilians to their fate. According to those interviewed, residents of Manbij city and its surroundings do not believe the US and its allied forces. They reportedly want to live in stability in their country under the Syrian flag.

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