Syrian Government Restores Peace in Idlib’s South


In the beginning of this year Idlib province, being the last terrorists’ stronghold in Syria, promised to become the place of bloodshed following a clash of interests between armed opposition and Government forces. However the Syrian Arab Army units managed not only to seize the strategic points in Hama’s north and Idlib’s south without serious losses but to begin restoring the peace in the region.


Right after the Syrian Army and Armed Forces General Command had declared the full liberation of Khan Sheikhoun city in Idlib southern countryside at the end of August, engineer units entered the city for dismantling the booby trap mines left by terrorists. It allowed to return back home thousands of IDPs who were forced to leave their houses wishing to avoid the life under Hayat Tahrir al Sham and their proxies’ inhuman laws. In the interview to the Syrian media, one of the locals said: “After several years of leaving our city due to the attacks launched by the terrorist organizations, today we have returned to practice our normal life and we are overwhelmed with hope to rehabilitate what have been destroyed at the hands of terrorists”.

And this rehabilitation had begun. The representatives of the Syrian Government, volunteer teams and average citizens started to restore the city’s lifelines: water and electricity supply systems. We’ve managed to interview Ruah al Hassan – one of the members of volunteer team which participates in Khan Sheikhoun’s restoring process.

– We were allowed to enter the city right after the dismantling process was finished. The scene what we saw had shocked us: devastation and the absence of elements of normal human life. I don’t know how terrorists lived here, but I’m sure the local civilians were dying by hunger and insanitary conditions. Those who managed to leave the city when it was under HTS control are real luckiers. We have a lot of work to do but I hope we can restore the city and the peace, inshallah.

– What have you already done and what is the priority target in restoring process.

– We have already started to restore the water-supply system. There is a number of artesian wells in the city’ outskirts which functioned before the start of the war. We are planning to put them back into service till the end of this month, inshallah. The restoring of the electricity system is underway too. A number of specialists came from Hama. I can’t say how things are going, but I see their work everyday. The cables for power-lines are brought very often. A lot of things were destroyed during the combat actions.

– What about social infrastructure?

– We are planning to rehabilitate schools and hospitals firstly. A lot of refugee families began to return back. They need for basic medical treatment and education. Almost every building was destroyed because terrorists used them as shelters during the SAA’s offensive. We’ll find less damaged ones.

The peace restoring process has always been the “A” target of Syrian government’s policy. Combat actions leave behind a destructive trace. It’s needed a lot of work and efforts to free of this disease. However Syria has a number of examples when the peace followed the ruins. Aleppo is one of them. We hope that Khan Sheikhoun will suffer the same fate.

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