Almost nine years have passed but Syrian War is not going to the end. Syrian Army (SAA) have gained success in most operations against terrorists but there are still a lot of hotbeds of tension in the region. Moreover, SAA and Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) resist Turkish Army actions in the Northeast of Syria and they also fight against ISIS terrorists who sometimes organize terrorist attacks.

At the same time the Turkish-backed terrorist group Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) holds its positions in the Northern province of Idlib. It’s worth mentioning that HTS lost its respect because of multiple bombardments of HTS-held areas so new terrorist attacks are expected in Northern Syria in the near future. Taking the facts into account that HTS is supported by Turkey and Ankara also works with Moscow in the Northeastern Syria, the terrorists may try to destroy the relationships between these countries.

One of the ways for terrorists to frame Russia is to organize provocations with usage of chemical weapons which would lead to a big number of casualties and be the reason to blame Russia for poisoning people. For such action HTS won’t use chemical weapons in the South of Idlib province as a few people live there and the infrastructure is fully destroyed. According to these, the terrorists will find big towns as targets just like Aleppo. The capital of the province with the same name is very acceptable for attack because Western part of the town borders with HTS-held areas.

In conclusion, there is a possibility that the terrorists will use chemical weapons against Aleppo civilians. If they gain success, the terrorists publish the facts of Russian chemical attack on Syrian people that would worsen the relations between Turkey and Russia. At the same time HTS is likely to conduct attacks saying that Russia organizes them.

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